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Dr. Subhash Gupta

Dr. Subhash Gupta


Liver Transplant Surgeon

 Department + Services

Institute of Liver Transplant

Qualification & Fellowship

  • MBBS, MS ( AIIMS )
  • FRCS ( Edin )
  • FRCS ( Glas )

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Dr. Subhash Gupta graduated as a national talent scholar from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India. After spending 6 years in the UK at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham and at the St James University Hospital in Leeds, he returned to India in 1998 and joined the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi as a Consultant in Liver Transplantation and Gastrointestinal Surgery. As cadaveric donations were rare, Dr Gupta introduced right lobe adult-to-adult liver transplantation to the hospital. His group at CLBS has been credited for performing liver transplants in patients with unusual and difficult conditions, such as portal biliopathy, co-existing HIV infections, and donors/recipients with situs inversus. In 2009, his team introduced the posterior sector graft for increased donor safety in India, and was instrumental in pioneering hepatic transplantation in babies under 6 months of age. His team has also developed guidelines on liver transplantation and the treatment of liver diseases in India. His group has trained many teams and surgeons from around the world in liver transplantation.

In 2008, Dr Gupta was appointed Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Queensland in Queensland, Australia, and in 2010, he became Professor of Liver Transplantation at the Institute of Postgraduate Education and Medical Research in Kolkata, India. In 2012, he was honoured by the Rotary Association of India for excellence in clinical medicine, and in the same year, he was the recipient of the Vishist Chikitshak Rattan (distinguished clinician) award. Dr Gupta has published over 30 papers in surgery and transplantation, and his research focuses on post operative management of liver transplant recipients.

List of publications
  • Singhal A, Verma M, Goyal N, Vij V, Wadhawan M, Gupta S. Peroneal neuropathy following liver transplantation: possible predisposing factors and outcome. Exp Clin Transplant. 2009 Dec; 7(4):252-5.
  • Verma V, Gupta S, Soin AS, Nundy S. Does the presence of jaundice and/or a lump in a patient with gall bladder cancer mean that the lesion is not resectable? Dig Surg. 2009; 26(4):306-11
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  • Marwah S, Khan MM, Chaudhary A, Gupta S, Negi SS, Soin A, Nundy S. Two hundred and forty-one consecutive liver resections: an experience from India. HPB (Oxford). 2007;9(1):29-36.
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  • Liver transplantation, an Indian perspective Gupta S, Bhalla VP, Nundy S. Liver transplantation, an Indian perspective, Ind J Int Med, 1992, 2:227-31
Contributions to Books
  • First National Consensus report on liver transplant and cadaveric organ donation. 2003 Arora A,Gupta S, Soin AS, Saigal S,
  • Brain stem death and organ transplantation in India, New Delhi, Pande GK, PK, Gupta S, Sahni P. the Natl Med J India, 1990
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  • Liver Transplantation Gupta S, Chapter on Liver Transplantation: Textbook of Surgical Gastroenterology,Vol II,795-806, Editors Haribhakti and others.
  • Text Book of API, (in press), Liver transplantation in India Subash Gupta and Ajay Kumar
  • Perspectives in organ transplantation Bhalla VP, Gupta S, Nundy S. Public funding of organ transplantation, In Kapoor VK, Ghosh PK, Bhandari M, Agarwal SS(eds), New Delhi, B. I. Churchill Livingstone, 1993
  • Surgical management of portal hypertension in the tropics. Recent advances in gastroenterology, Gupta S, Kohli VK, Nundy S. (eds) Goonaratne and D’silva, Ceylon Medical Journal, 1992 Lectures and Oration He has delivered many lectures both in national and international meetings, a list too exhaustive to list here.

Dr. Subash Gupta was awarded the National talent Scholarship and in 1981, he was selected for admission to All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. An outstanding medical graduate, he was selected for training in general surgery under Prof. T. K. Chattopadhay. During his surgical training in AIIMS, his thesis on perioperative chemotherapy for breast carcinoma was considered as original work and led to the award of the degree of MS.

  • Appointed as a Senior Clinical Fellow in St. James’s University Hospital in Leeds where he performed over 300 transplant operations. His research interests led to development of techniques to prevent hepatic artery thrombosis and bile leak in liver transplant recipients.
  • In 1998, he began work in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital where he performed the first cadaveric liver transplant of that hospital.
  • His work there led to the formation of a world class transplant centre in India where over 500 liver transplant operations have been done.
  • The first living related liver transplant for a HIV patient with hepatitis B induced liver failure on HARRT therapy. Having established the Sir Ganga Ram liver transplant centre, he was inducted to rejuvenate the older centre in Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals. Since 2007, the new team at Indraprastha Apollo has conducted over 350 liver transplant operations and over 300 complex GI surgeries.
  • The University of Queensland, Australia where he is an honorary Associate Professor of Surgery, has recognized his contribution in the field of transplantation.
  • he has been appointed as Senior Consultant in the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences in New Delhi.
  • He has been appointed as Professor of Liver Transplantation in the Institute of Post Graduate medical Education and Research, Kolkata

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