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Diabetes is fastest growing disease among the Indian population. With the increased sedentary and non compliance with diet and lifestyle, the total number of people in the world with diabetes is spiraling out of control. Millions of people are fighting with diabetes each day and we at SPS Hospitals help people to manage diabetes with proper care and understanding to lead a happy and healthy life.

For Diabetes, we have specialized services:

  • Identification of "pre-diabetes" to prevent the onset of the disease
  • Provision of treatment protocols for women with prenatal diabetes.
  • Laser treatment to treat diabetic eye disease and prevent blindness
  • Dietary and behavioral counseling
  • Personal health and medical education

Diabetes is a growing epidemic. According to recent data, there are about 415 million people suffering from Diabetes. Every 6 seconds one person dies from Diabetes and 12% of global health expenditure is spent on diabetes.

It has recently observed that due to urbanization, decreased physical activity and with opening of fast food outlets, there has been surge in the number of diabetes in the adolescent age group.

World Diabetic Day is the primary Global awareness campaign of diabetes world and is held on November 14 every year. It aims at early screening for Type 2 Diabetes, so as to modify its course and reduce the risk of complications. Lifestyle management which includes regular physical exercise and avoidance of rich carbohydrate and junk food remain the corner stone for effective management of diabetes.

Theme for world Diabetic Day for this year is EYES ON DIABETES. Careful management of diabetes and screening for diabetic Eye disease can prevent visual impairment and blindness.

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