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Replacement of both Knees Simultaneously

Most of the patients with crippling 'osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis' have involvement of both knee joints.

Now, it is possible to replace both knees at one time (single stage) after the proper assessment of the patients. The advantage of doing both knee (bilateral) replacement in one stage are as follows:

  • Single anaesthesia and hospitalisation required.
  • One time medication and rehabilitation needed.
  • No increase in complication rate and equally good results,when compared to knee replacement done in 2 stages (One knee at a time).
  • It is more economical for the patients


Like any major operations. TKR may be associated with a complication although rarely. There may be potentia complications both during and after surgery. Generally, these include infection, blood clots (thrombosis), pneumonia, fat embolism, prosthesis loosening and nerve damage.

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