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Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation


SPS Hospital’s Physiotherapists evaluate strength, range of motion, flexibility, balance, coordination and mobility. Using a one-on-one approach, our professional staff treat musculoskeletal, orthopaedic and sports injuries, and postoperative rehab. Our therapists specialize in treating specific areas such as the back, knee or shoulder as well as treat certain patient types such as geriatrics, pediatrics and athletes, or patients with certain diagnoses, such as strokes, wounds, amputations or arthritis. At SPS, our therapists also educate patients about proper body mechanics, lifting techniques, proper posture, benefits of aerobic exercise and pain behaviors. As a person becomes stronger and learns to move the body more efficiently, daily tasks become easier and the person can do more, despite the pain.


Physical therapy is the most important part of a treatment plan for most of the joint conditions. A physical therapist guides the patient, considering their individual condition, about the best exercises suited to them and the techniques to perform the exercises for strengthening and toning of muscles. It is important for the patient to perform only those exercises which are recommended by the therapist because these exercises are customized for the patient’s condition and strengthen specific muscles without straining diseased part of the joint. Following modalities of physical therapy are often used to achieve best results for the patient:

Exercises : Exercises help strengthen the muscles surrounding the joint which not only stabilizes the joint but also helps reduce the stress on the joint leading to a pain free state. Balance exercises help with fall risk prevention. Postural techniques help modify the posture which might be creating strain on the joint.

TENS Unit : Transcutaneous electrical neuromuscular stimulation is quite helpful in decreasing the pain and provides soothing relief to the patient.

Ultrasound : Ultrasonic waves uses deep heating and helps with conditions likes strain/sprain or soft tissue inflammation.

Traction : This is often used in discogenic low back pain or neck pain to relieve pressure from nerves.

Massage : Variety of techniques including trigger point massages provide excellent pain relief.

Light Therapy : It uses specific waves to help stimulate tissue healing and thus provides pain relief resulting from inflammation.

Iontophoresis : This technique uses very small amount of electric stimulation to deliver medication to the body which helps decrease inflammation.

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