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Dr. Pradeep Kumar Sharma Articles

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    • 1. Sankar MJ, Chandrasekaran A, Kumar P, Thukral A, Agarwal R, Paul VK. Vitamin K prophylaxis for the prevention of vitamin K deficiency bleeding: a systematic review. 1. J Perinatol. 2016 May;36 Suppl 1:S29-35. doi: 10.1038/jp.2016.30.
    • 2. Sharma K, Sharma V, Sharma KP (2014) Face to Face Counseling is Associated with Higher Exclusive Breast-Feeding Rates at Six Weeks Compared to Audio-Visual Aids: A Randomized Controlled Trial. J Neonatal Biol 3: 137. doi:10.4172/2167-0897.1000137
    • 3. V Jain, L A Metherell, A David, R Sharma, PK Sharma, A J L Clark, and L F Chan. Neonatal presentation of familial glucocorticoid deficiency resulting from a novel splice mutation in the melanocortin 2 receptor accessory protein European Journal of Endocrinology (2011) 165 987–991
    • 4. Kumar P, Sankar MJ, Sapra S, Agarwal R, Deorari AK, Paul VK. Follow-up of high-risk neonates.Indian J Pediatr. 2008 May;75(5):479-87.
    • 5. Sharma S, Kumar P, Agarwal R, Kabra M, Deorari AK, Paul VK.Approach to inborn errors of metabolism presenting in the neonate.Indian J Pediatr. 2008 Mar;75(3):271-6.
    • 6. Verma S, Sharma PK, Sivanandan S, Rana N, Saini S, Lodha R, Kabra SK. The spectrum of primary immune deficiency at a tertiary care hospital. Indian J Pediatr. 2008 Feb; 75(2):143-8.
    • 7. Kumar P, Sankar MJ, Deorari AK, Azad RV, Chandra P, Agarwal R, Paul VK. Risk factors for severe retinopathy of prematurity in infants born at a tertiary care neonatal center. Indian J Pediatr 2011 Jul;78(7):812-6.
    • 8. Sharma PK, Sankar MJ, Sapra S, Saxena R, Karthikeyan CV, Deorari A, Agarwal R, Paul V. Growth and Neurosensory Outcomes of Preterm Very Low Birth Weight Infants at 18 Months of Corrected Age. Indian J Pediatr. 2011 Dec;78(12):1485-90.
    • 9. Kumar P, Bhatnagar S, Das BK, Choudhry R, Arora NK, Bhan MK. Role of Lactobacillus acidophilus in reducing gut colonization of multidrug-resistant bacteria in hospitalized children - a double-blind randomized controlled trial. Abstract European Society in Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition Congress, September 2009 Rome, Italy.
    • 10. Sankar J, Raj D, Sankar J, Sharma PK, Lodha R, Kabra SK. HIV infection mimicking autoimmune disorder. Indian J Pediatr. 2007 Aug; 74(8):777-80.
    • 11. Kumar P, Sharma K. Preterm resuscitation with low oxygen: a case for developing countries. Pediatrics Online, 23 Sep 2009
    • 12. Sharma K, Kumar P. Visual assessment or serum bilirubin: Both are suboptimal for intervention. Arch Dis Child - Fetal Neonatal Ed published online September 28, 2009
    • 13. Modi M, Sharma PK, Ramji S. Anterior cerebral artery flow velocities in clinically stable neonates. Abstract presented at NEOCON October 2010, Jaipur.
    • 14. Sharma PK, Modi M, Ramji S. Cardiac measurements in hemodynamically stable term and preterm neonates. Abstract presented at NEOCON October 2010, Jaipur.
    • 15. Sharma PK, Modi M, Ramji S. Bacteriological profile at a tertiary care neonatal unit. Abstract presented at NEOCON October 2010, Jaipur.
    • 16. Sharma K, Sharma P, Sharma VK. Effect of counseling and audio-visual aids on exclusive breastfeeding rates at six weeks: a randomized controlled trial. Award-winning paper at NEOCON October 2010, Jaipur.
    • 17. Sharma PK, Modi M, Ramji S. Functional echocardiography of the neonate. Abstract presented at FAOPS 2010, New Delhi.
    • 18. Sharma PK, Modi M, Ramji S. Functional echocardiography in preterm neonates. Abstract presented at IAP NEOCON 2011, Ludhiana.

    Expertise in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery procedures

        • 1. Follow up of high-risk neonates. Essential Pediatrics by OP Ghai. 7th edition.2009. New Delhi. CBS publishers.
        • 2. IJP AIIMS protocols in Neonatology. 2008, 2010.
        • a. Approach to inborn errors of metabolism.
        • b. Follow up of high-risk neonates
        • 3. Perinatal asphyxia and hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy. Essential Neonatology by NB Mathur. 2012
        • 4. Thrombocytopenia in newborn. Postgraduate textbook of Pediatrics. 2015
        • 5. ABG interpretation. Manual of Neonatal care by Dr. Neelam Kaler 2022

    Expertise in Minimal Invasive Surgical procedures like Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy(Gall bladder stones), TEP/TaPPLaparoscopic Inguinal Hernia repair, Laparoscopic Ventral Hernia repair (IPOM), Laparoscopic Appendicectomy

    Presented various Academic Research papers at both National and International level Bariatric and Minimal access surgery conferences.

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