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Liver Transplant Process

n India the regulation related to the removal, storage and transplantation of human organs is provided by The Transplantation Human Organs Act, 1994. For more information on this please check out the following link.


According to the act the Donor should be alive, 1st-degree relative (Spouse, Son, Daughter, Father, Mother, Brother or Sister).

For International Patients, a Living Donor Transplantation is suggested. This is because the Center for Liver Transplant Surgery has a long waiting list since cadaveric organs are not frequently available. Priority on the list is decided on the disease severity and first-come-first-served basis. Although international patients and Indians stand an equal chance of obtaining a cadaveric organ under this system, the list is long and the wait may well be several months or even a year. A very long waiting is logistically impossible for most international patients traveling to Chennai for transplant. Hence, they are all advised to bring along suitable living donors and go for Living Donor Liver Transplant Surgery.

The Process

  • First, the family should arrange to send us the latest Reports of the recipient and donor to confirm their Eligibility.
  • Second, once confirmed you need to send us the duly filled Transplant Information Sheet which would be provided to you.
  • Third, based on the information received we shall prepare the draft affidavit with instructions, which needs to be signed, countersigned by Notary Public and Judicial magistrate. This is a mandatory requirement under the Organ Transplantation Act in India.
  • Fourth, come to the Hospital with the Donor and duly signed affidavits.

The Donor should be alive, 1st degree Related / Spouse, Blood group matched with no decompensation, Diabetes mellitus and Hypertension, below 50 years of age.

The Medical Records that needs to be sent to us are:


  • Clinical notes describing the cause and history of the Disease.
  • Liver Function tests.
  • CT Scan 64 slice triphasic with the information of the blood vessels.
  • RBS, Coagulation Profile, CBC, Renal Chemistry, Thyroid profile.
  • Serum electrolytes.
  • Anti HCV, HBsAg, HBV © antigen (core Antigen), HIV- 1&2.
  • Weight.


  • RBS, Coagulation Profile, CBC, Renal Chemistry, Thyroid profile.
  • Liver Function tests with Bile levels.
  • Serum electrolytes & PT INR.
  • Lipid profile.
  • Anti HAnti-HCVg, HIV- 1&2.
  • Contrast enhanced Triple Phase CT Angiogram of the Liver with information on the volumes of the Liver.
  • Weight of the Donor.

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