Dr. Neha Garg

Attending Consultant - Obstetrician& Gynecologist
Dr Neha Garg | SPS Hospitals

Area of Expertise

  • Manage all antenatal and gynaecology emergencies like Eclampsia, cord prolapse, APH, Ectopic pregnancies etc.
  • Manage all high risk laboring patients, postpartum and postop patients.
  • Normal Vaginal deliveries, Breech Vaginal deliveries, Forceps and Vacuum assisted Vaginal deliveries.
  • High risk caesarean sections.
  • Operate open ruptured ectopic pregnancies and unruptured ectopic pregnancies medically as well as surgically.
  • Assist and perform Abdominal and Vaginal hysterectomies under supervision.
  • Assist laparoscopic surgeries.
  • Minor procedures like Endometrial aspiration, Dilation and Evacuation, Fractional curettage, Labor Induction procedure with Foleys catheter and saline, IUCD Insertion and removal, HSG etc.