We at SPS Hospitals understand that optimum Ambulance services are an integral part of any premiere hospital. These services can play a significant role in saving patients’ lives, in case they are in critical condition or require urgent transportation to the nearest hospital. SPS Hospitals have skilled emergency responders, paramedics, and ambulance services to respond immediately and efficiently. 

Patients can call the hospital ambulance number to book the ambulance. SPS Hospitals staff will ensure that the ambulance reaches the patient at the earliest with all the necessary support and equipment.  Some of the USP’s of our ambulance services:

  • ALS & BLS ambulances covering wide network and distances. 
  • Experienced & skilled drivers
  • Qualified medical staff accompanying ambulances in emergency situations. 
Call for Ambulance | SPS Hospitals


Yes, the ambulance service, as well as other emergency medical services, are available 24/7 at SPS Hospitals. Qualified doctors, along with other healthcare professionals, are always available for the care of our patients.

In case of an emergency, patients must quickly call the contact number provided on our website (0161–6617111) or call 108 ambulance service. They will be informed on the call how long the ambulance will take to reach them.

Yes! SPS Hospitals have dedicated emergency services available for the service of our patients. We have a specialised critical care department as well as a 24/7 pharmacy and other emergency services available all the time.

When calling for any emergency ambulance service, ensure that you clearly communicate all the important information concerning the patient. This includes their name, correct address (if possible with a landmark), and all the relevant details regarding the current condition of the patient. Also, ensure that any questions asked by the healthcare professional on call are answered clearly and truthfully.

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