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Being the first point of contact for any patient seeking tertiary care, the Department of Internal Medicine builds the foundation of the hospital. The department follows a comprehensive approach towards patient care and analyzes their conditions and further refers to the specialist as and when required. The department combines patient-centered adult care of the highest quality along with physician expertise and the latest advances in medical technology. Through the out-patient clinic, a therapeutic and preventive health care approach is given to the people with various diseases.

Another integral part of the Department of Internal Medicine is the SPS Health First, an exclusive Preventive Healthcare Program. Our comprehensive set of services is designed for early detection of certain risk factors and conditions.

The Department of Internal Medicine is positioned as a link between primary and tertiary care.

Services Offered

The department has expertise in prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of common disorders and communicable diseases.This department provides broad range of services for diagnosis and treatment by doctors skilled in the management of patients who have multi-system disease processes. It has round the clock back up from all allied and super speciality departments.

The services offered under this specialty include:

1. Management of chronic diseases

This involves diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, hepatitis, joint pains etc. through the experienced consultants and reference to super specialty department if necessary through coordination with other departments.

2. Management of Infectious diseases

Infectious diseases like malaria, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, dengue fever, HIV, etc. are investigated thoroughly followed by the appropriate treatment modality.

3. Management of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted disease cases:

This includes HIV testing and counselling, treatment, palliative care, support and prevention. It is especially important to provide these services for those at higher risk of HIV. The department of Internal medicine aims to increase access to quality health care for all people with HIV, and to advocate for this as a matter of great urgency. HIV Counselling and testing is the gateway to treatment – without an accurate diagnosis, treatment cannot start.The department has the provision of HIV testing, pre- and post-test counselling, and linking communities with testing facilities. We advocate for treatment, care and support programmes that are comprehensive and integrated.A comprehensive range of treatment, care and support includes:

Accessible and high-quality voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) service

  • Tailored health information on antiretroviral (ARV) therapy
  • Tailored support programmes including counselling, discussion groups, peer support and spiritual support
  • Care services including home-based care, nursing care and palliative care
  • HIV treatment programmes
  • Treatment and prevention of tuberculosis (TB) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Support and assistance in relation to non-clinical aspects of treatment
  • Information about household hygiene and sterilisation precautions;
  • Support, respite and training for family members.
4. Management of drug overdoses and poisoning

It involves medical professionals dealing with critical care. The conditions of drug overdoses or poisoning are dealt with coordination with various specialties in specified ICU’s through a cohesive team of medical and nursing professionals.

5. Management of Rheumatic diseases and connective tissue disorders
6. Management of obesity and related complications like metabolic syndrome
7. Environmental disease management

This includes management of diseases through occupational hazards like industrial chemical exposure, electrical injuries, radiation injuries or animal bites, etc.

8. Management of allergies

This deals with treating allergies of all sorts like skin allergic reactions, allergies like bronchial asthma, rhinitis, etc. This includes allergy testing followed by medication.

9. Pre-operative check-up

This includes diagnosis of any particular problem before a patient goes in for surgery. This is done to optimize a patient’s condition. This involves diagnosing and managing news and existing medical problems prior to surgical procedures and afterwards.

10. Pre-employment checks

The Department of Internal Medicine also deals with pre-employment checks with the aim of a Healthy Workforce. These checks are designed to diagnose and evaluate fitness for employees by various corporate organizations before their joining. The services offered include, out-patient services, preventive health checks, health screening clinics, etc.

11. Health Assessment and Preventive Health

The department of Internal Medicine also deals with Preventive Health Checks with a maxim of “Health First”. It boasts of a separate lounge for Master Health Cheq which deals with various types of preventive health checks for the whole family. It includes specially designed packages like Master Health Cheq, Well Women Cheq, Heart Cheq, etc.

12. Adult & Overseas Immunization

“Adult needs immunization too.” This concept is emphasized and propagated by the Department of Internal Medicine. Not only this, people travelling to a particular country are vaccinated as per the requirement. E.g. yellow fever vaccine for travelers to Africa.

Facilities Offered

  • Dedicated out-patient clinics
  • Team of trained and well experienced doctors
  • Separate premium health lounge for Master Health Check
  • New Zealand , UK, Australia and Canada – visa medical examination
  • Medical examination for Australia and UK applicants
  • Pre-employment screenings
  • Separate vaccination room
  • Separate helpdesk counter for co-coordinating health check up program

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