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SPS Hospitals provides a dedicated service for all its patients. We offer high-quality home sample collection services. When it comes to diagnosing a medical condition, blood and urine tests play a pivotal role in determining the patient’s condition. Blood and urine tests help the medical professionals precisely diagnose the patient and plan treatment as per the patient’s medical requirement.

However, it may not always be possible for patients to visit the hospital for such tests. Moreover, patients may also need to repeat blood tests every couple of months to know and regulate if their condition is getting better. Such patients may opt for a home sample collection, and results will also be provided to them at their homes. 

  • Along with emergency ambulance service, 24/7 Pharmacy, critical care services, ICUs, etc., we also provide Home Sample Collection services. 
  • Patients can opt for a blood test home collection or a  urine sample collection at home.  
  • We bring the tests at home for patients who have critical conditions and find travelling uncomfortable & painful.

The patients can then book an appointment at SPS Hospitals with a specialist to discuss their results and see the treatment forward. At every step of the process, our foremost priority is the comfort and ease of our patients. We keep our patients informed at every stage and are always available to answer their queries.


Patients can call the hospital at the number provided on our website. Tell us about the tests that you were prescribed. Our on-call medical professional will provide them with the details and book an appointment for home sample collection.

All the samples collected from the patients are safely transported to the hospital in optimum conditions. They are then processed and examined with top-quality medical equipment and hence are perfectly accurate.

We offer a wide variety of home collection services, including blood, urine, and stool collection for a variety of tests prescribed at the hospital.

Yes, the equipment used by our medical staff for home sample collection is completely safe and sanitary.

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