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The SPS Hospitals’ Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS) team has lots of experience in such innovative treatments that can help shorten patients’ hospital stays, eliminate surgical scars, and promptly return patients to their daily activities.

SPS Hospitals have a solid and advanced infrastructure and are well-equipped to perform the MIS effectively. We at SPS Hospitals have a well-trained and experienced team of talented staff/nurses and board-certified surgeons from different disciplines that perform a range of Minimally Invasive Surgeries. Our top-notch medical services also include complex minimally invasive neuro surgery. The MIS treatments offered at SPS Hospitals are easily accessible, inexpensive, and convenient.

At SPS Hospitals, we know the problems faced by open surgery. However, with medical advancement, Minimally Invasive Surgeries (MIS) are becoming more prevalent, and we incorporate them wherever possible in the line of treatment. In many ways, minimally invasive surgeries are preferable to open surgery.

Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery at SPS Hospitals

  • Quick Recovery
  • Shorter Hospital Stay
  • Less Costly
  • Better Cosmesis
  • Fewer Complications
  • Better Clinical Outcomes

Treatments Offered

The Minimally Invasive surgeries and  treatments offered at SPS Hospitals, but not limited to, are enlisted below-

  • Weight loss surgery
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Pain management
  • Splenectomy
  • Urologic Surgery
  • Infusion therapy


  • Endoscopy and colonoscopy
  • Gallbladder Surgery (Cholecystectomy).
  • Orthopaedic surgery
  • General surgery
  • Colectomy to remove parts of a diseased colon.
  • Heart surgery, etc.

Why Choose Us?

Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS) is supported at SPS Hospital by a team of skilled surgeons and a specialized operation theatre equipped with advanced technology. 

  • At SPS Hospital, we have highly skilled staff and anesthetists supported by the modern infrastructure to give the greatest levels of care for the majority of surgical problems. 
  • Minimal Invasive Surgery has been standardized at SPS Hospitals in terms of surgical and anesthetic methods to minimize the post-operative recovery period and maximize success.
  • SPS Hospital’s MIS operation and hospital stay packages are budget-friendly without compromising on the quality of treatment
  • The specialist surgeons and consultants are available under one roof 24 hours a day to ensure optimal care and support for patients.

SPS Hospitals holds the distinctive characteristic of being the first hospital in South East Asia to be recognized by the famous Joint Commission International, USA, within the first two years of its establishment. SPS Hospitals was accredited by NABH in 2018. 


Minimally invasive surgery involves smaller surgical incisions and is often less harmful than conventional surgery. Your surgeon will be able to see better and execute the procedure with more precision. You’ll recover faster and with less pain. Your scars will be less visible, and the possibility of complications will be reduced.

Minimal Invasive surgery has no adverse effects. However, the following symptoms might occur:

  • Fatigue
  • A painful throat as a result of a breathing tube used during surgery
  • Soreness at the site of the incision
  • Any residual carbon dioxide in the abdomen, which can aggravate the diaphragm, may cause shoulder or back pain.
  • Abdominal bloating.

When it comes to the shortest duration of recovery time, Vasectomy and Appendectomy surgeries require much less time.

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