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SPS Hospitals are one of the region’s most comprehensive healthcare institutions, providing a wide range of clinical services. The SPS Hospitals have a dedicated 24-hour pharmacy staffed by a group of highly qualified pharmacists who operate around the clock to meet the requirements of both inpatients and outpatients. 

Our pharmacy is well furnished with modern amenities and recognised by the appropriate state and federal licensing agencies. It features a wide variety of medical and surgical products that have been approved. To prevent fewer instances of medication mistakes, all necessary medications are stacked according to their therapeutic effects.

Consequently, we are the leading 24*7 pharmacy, providing the quickest and most well-organised pharmacy services

  • The SPS Hospital Pharmacy counters are open around-the-clock, and we are one of the few pharmacies in the town to do so. 
  • Patients and their families can collect their medications right away from our 24-hour pharmacy with a prescription from their doctor.
  • We have highly experienced pharmacists on staff who supervise the approval process and distribution of medications for both inpatients and outpatients.
  • A reliable and effective medication delivery system will cover all of the pharmaceutical demands of Hospitals. Any prescription for drugs or other medications that patients may need will be optimally refilled and delivered.

Not only that, SPS hospital has a well-equipped infrastructure with various 24-hour services that include Emergency and Trauma Services, Blood Bank, Ambulance & Patient Transport Services, Radiology & Diagnostic Services, Laboratory Services and Pharmacy. 

Our Promises To You

Secure Packing

Proper &  Safe Packing

Fast Delivery

Deliver within 24 Hours

Genuine Medicines

Medicines of best quality

Assured Savings

Save up to 25% on MRP


Patients from other areas can also obtain medications through the 24 Hour Pharmacy. Payments can be made using UPI, cash, or debit/credit cards. However, avoiding the cash for direct contact is recommended while making the payments.

Yes, for your comfort, we are available 24 hours. We have access to your health records and can provide you with answers suited to your personal situation. If you have any queries concerning your prescriptions, please contact us.

Here are pointers that are considered to maintain the supply and stock of medications.

  • All medications are kept under adequate storage conditions.
  • An ongoing backup system is used to maintain the cold storage.
  • Before being dispensed, every single medication is checked and noted for left stock.
  • Drugs that are about to expire are removed from the pharmacy well in advance, and new stock is booked for refilling.
  • Medications are dispensed by a trained and experienced pharmacist.

Payment Modes

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