Dr. Apoorva Hajela

DNB Student


  • MBBS- 2013 from Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences & Research
  • Pursuing DNB General Surgery

Experience at SPS Hospital

1.5 year since I joined and it has been a wonderful experience, to be part of this great organisation engaged in serving the mankind.

The consultants are wonderful, guiding and nurturing through this crucial stage in our life. This has made my tenure so far as a new ordinary one with equal stress had on theoretical learning combined with practical exposure. I fell proud to be part of such a humanitarian fraternity.

Field of Interest

  • Plastic Surgery

Profile summary 

Past history:

  • Excessive sleepiness since 2013
  • Fatigue since 2014
  • Insomnia since 2016

These symptoms first started when I joined medical college in august 2013. Symptoms first appeared when i started studying anatomy in the first year. Physiology and biochemistry just worsened the sleepiness. Then came the second year, with pathology, pharmacology, micro and forensic. The constant struggle to stay awake and study and the sedation effects of these subjects was challenging. Gradually with the exams coming, fatigue started setting in.

It was in final prof, when medicine, surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics and Gynaecology, ENT etc. started did the insomnia set in because it was now that I realized that all the subjects that were taught in the first and second prof also had to be studied. Somehow managed to pass the exams. The  internship was also great fun and an amazing learning experience.