Dr. Pranav S Kumar

DNB Student


  • MBBS
  • Pursuing DNB General Surgery

Experiences at SPS Hospital

Reflecting on these past 3 years brings forward emotions of pride and satisfaction. Initially , i had second thoughts about joining a corporate hospital for my residency, but after all the slogging and learning experience it eventually turned out to be a boom with various specialties, great mentors and advances technologies, my residency at SPS has been fruitful. The DNB programme is well established, especially with top notch guidance and support from our DNB Coordination team-Dr. G.L. Avasthi and his assistant Ms. Sakshi. Apart from surgical department, I have also had an opportunity to learn minor and major skills in the EMR, intensive care unit & Radiology Department.

Field of Interest

  • Plastic Surgery
  • Research and recent advances

Profile Summary

My aspiration of becoming a doctor started as a toddler, inspired by our family doctors and the humble power he held because of his capabilities and service.

I did my MBBS from Sri Lakshmi Narayana Institute of medical sciences in Pondicherry from 2011-2017. In my final year, I had the honour of being chosen to attend 4 weeks of medical electives program at Oxford University in United Kingdom (at JOHN Radclifle and Churchill Hospitals) in the department of surgery.

Hence, my interest in surgery was kindled by surgeons I came across in my under graduation and at Oxford and got motivated further to take it up as a field of expertise. With this background, I joined SPS Hospitals in 2019 through entrance exam.

Along with surgical training my seniors and consultants motivated to stay upfront with research in the field and recent advances as a result, two articles during MBBS and 2 articles in PG have been published in index journals that were written by me and edited by my seniors.

The recent one as a first author under the able guidance of Dr. Ashish Gupta our honoured plastic surgeon of SPS Hospitals- tilled “scar on wrist of children: an explicit wanning singh of rubber band syndrome

This article is published in the Indian journal of surgery December-2021 and also chosen for poster presentation for the 7th edition of Emirates Plastic Surgery Congress, Dubai January 2022.

It has been a good experience so far and aspiring for greater experience ahead.