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At SPS Hospitals, we provide accurate medical diagnosis & management for a wide range of  neurological conditions. We have skilled medical experts in every area of Neurology, providing the treatment for every complex condition, such as Epilepsy. 

SPS Hospitals have cutting-edge technologies and highly advanced labs to diagnose and treat patients with neurological illnesses and disorders.  

Epilepsy is a  neurological illnesses o that are defined by repeated seizures. It is frequently termed a “seizure disorder.” A person is deemed to have epilepsy if they have experienced two or more seizures that were more than 24 hours apart and were unprovoked . If a person experiences one or more unprovoked seizures and is at risk for more ones in the future, they may also be diagnosed with epilepsy. 

Facilities at SPS Hospitals

Since 2005, the SPS Hospitals has been renowned for its superior healthcare facilities. The neurologist and surgeons handle over 300 neurological illnesses every year, from complex to uncommon problems, with remarkable skill and accuracy.  

For both adults and children with neurological disorders like epilepsy, dementia, movement disorders, other cognitive conditions, stroke, vascular diseases, autoimmune neurology, multiple sclerosis, etc., we provide comprehensive consultation, evaluation, and all-inclusive treatment services. SPS Hospitals provide the facility of care for qualified nurses, wardens, and other staff to provide the patient with an optimal experience of hospital stay.

Symptoms of Epilepsy

You may move or have strange symptoms during seizures. The sort of seizure you experience determines which symptoms you have. 

Seizure symptoms are: 

Abnormal movements of body coupled with abnormal behavior ,loss of consciousness falls and injuries .usually these are stereotyped and recur at varying intervala. When these seizures are prolonged then one may label as status epilepticus which is a serious condition and requires management in ICU with multiple drugs  

Types of Seizures

Based on where in the brain they begin and the symptoms they produce, doctors categorize seizures: 


  • One part of the brain is where focal seizures begin. 
  • You are awake and able to respond to people if you have focal motor  seizures. 
  • Your body twitches, jerks, or makes other types of movements during focal motor seizures. 
  • The way you feel or think is affected by focal non-motor seizures. 



  • Your body moves or twitches during generalized motor seizures. 
  • Non-motor generalized seizures do not result in movement. 

Why Choose SPS Hospitals?

  • We have unmatched competence in diagnosing and treating the whole range of epilepsy and seizure disorders because of the high number of individuals we see. 
  • With access to the most cutting-edge medical, nutritional, and surgical therapies available, our staff individually crafts a treatment plan for each patient. 
  • Our mission is to find a cure for epilepsy, and research and education are important parts of that mission. 
  • We have a specialised Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit. 
  • SPS Hospital has won the 2016 Best Patient Safety Initiative in Healthcare Award from the National Healthcare Awards for Excellence. 
  • We are NABH and four times JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited hospitals. 


Patients with epilepsy are treated by several healthcare professionals, including neurologists, physicians, neurosurgeons, etc. at SPS Hospitals. A physician with a focus on the nervous system and the brain is known as a neurologist. A neurologist with expertise in epilepsy is also known as an epileptologist. 

The majority of epileptics have active lives without any disabilities. However, the chances of early death are higher for them. We at SPS Hospitals are aware that the danger of epilepsy-related death can be decreased by maintaining the best seizure control and living securely. Hence, our medical professionals always remind the patients of the best way to live their life. 

People with epilepsy occasionally worry that physical activity or sports can make their seizures worse. Seizure activity is seldom “triggered” by exercise. In fact, regular exercise may help you regulate your seizures.  

Yes ,epileptics can work normally except being a pilot either locomotive or aeroplane or maritime services

Yes both male and females can have normal married life and can plan a conception under care of doctors. Various myths are in community for epilepsy like smelling a shoe or going to sooth Sayers for treatment but in present era these have no role. 

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