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SPS Hospitals’ Department of Radiology & Imaging Sciences houses some of the most cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment methods accessible today. The department of Radiodiagnosis and imaging plays a vital role in both early diagnosis and therapeutic procedures. The comprehensive treatment provided by high-quality equipment along with a highly experienced team of radiologists, competent technicians, and support staff provides exceptional and affordable patient care. It is a thriving, dynamic field that has grown tremendously over the last two decades and is anticipated to develop much more in the future. We are available every day of the week to help you with any imaging or radiology needs you may have.

Radiology (or Diagnostic Imaging) is a suitable alternative to open surgery, with needles and catheters substituting scalpels. The procedure includes many examinations that require projecting & imagining various parts of the human body. It may be used to perform minimally invasive treatments in any part of the body, including the brain, spine, chest, abdominal cavities, and peripheral vascular system.

A wide range of diagnostic procedures, such as X-rays, ultrasonography, colour doppler, fluoroscopy, mammography,  CT scans, and MRI, are interpreted by radiologists.

Imaging Tests Offered at SPS Hospitals

The Department of Radiology is well-equipped to handle the following Imaging test:

  • MR Angiography with 3D Imaging
  • MR Cholangiopancreatography
  • Urography
  • Cardiac Angiography
  • Neuro-Angiography
  • Renal Angiography
  • Vascular Angiography

Radiology Services Offered at SPS Hospitals

The various services offered by our hospital are:

  • 192 slice CT Scanner – including CT angiography and dual energy CT 
  • DEXA Scan (Bone Densitometry)
  • Digital X-ray with first in region digital fluoroscopy- including upper GI and Barium Enema.
  • Digital Mammography ultrasound and colour Doppler
  • Digital Radiography (DR) System – including X-ray and all conventional procedures.
  • 3 tesla MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) – including MR Angiography.

Why Choose SPS Hospitals?

SPS Hospitals have made it its top priority to give the highest quality of care to every patient. Patients of all ages, including newborns, old age people, ambulatory patients, and inpatients, can get our highly advanced radiology services. Currently, the Hospital has 127 critical beds and 350 commissioned beds. We coordinate with almost all other departments to ensure that all malignancies linked to the patient’s situation are addressed.

SPS Hospitals has the unique distinction of being the first hospital in South East Asia to be recognised by the famous Joint Commission International, USA, within the first two years of operation. In 2013, the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) accredited the SPS Hospitals for excellent services. Thus, we are the ideal choice if you are seeking a Radiology centre.


You could be required to consume contrast material or take a sedative prior to your test, depending on the procedure. The technician will position you on the imaging table and capture photos of the problematic body parts. A report will be issued to your referring doctor once expert radiologists have examined the photos.

At SPS Hospitals, we offer multiple different radiological services, such as x-rays, ultrasounds colour doppler, MRIs, and CT scans. Additionally, we offer interventional radiology services, including FNACs, biopsy, drainage, and stenting procedures.

A CT scan is just another X-ray procedure that takes a sequence of pictures of the body and displays two-dimensional or three-dimensional images. 

MRI tests are similar to CT scans, but MRI uses magnetism and radio waves to create a sequence of cross-sectional pictures. MRI pictures are so detailed and precise that they give as much information as a physical examination of the tissues.

No, you do not experience any discomfort during a diagnostic imaging test. Minor irritation may occur depending on the type of treatment, but these medical tests should not be painful.

The department of radiology in also engaged in academic learning for Postgraduate DNB students.

Abdominal Imaging, Breast Imaging, Cardiothoracic, Interventional Radiology, Musculoskeletal radiology.

  • We are committed to providing excellence in patients care education and research as well as state-of-the art technology.
  • We are providing quality and compassionate care to the patients. Our commitment to patients is our number 1 priority.

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